About us

Global Dan Translations is a success story started with a lot of passion and ambition 10 years ago, on the market of translation and interpreting services in Timisoara. With a large portfolio of corporate clients as well as many foreign language courses delivered to individuals in open courses, Global Dan Translations soon became a name, and this recognition was due to the quality of the services offered.


During this time, we translated thousands of pages and interpreted in various conferences, seminars, public activities and not only, for institutions in Romania and for foreign clients. We pride ourselves on having a rich portfolio in fields such as legal, medical, technical, economic, etc., with successful feed-back at the ECHR, the Romanian Police, the Court and the Court of Appeal of Timisoara, multinational companies, universities and not only, at international conferences, reports in the country and abroad, appearances on foreign television, etc.


Our mission is to develop the potential of people, of teams and organizations we work with, in order to provide flexible training programs tailored to the specifics of our clients. The three values of our company that help us to fulfil this mission are: openness, flexibility, accessibility.


Value and respect create competitive advantages. We are proud to believe that our presence in a still unsaturated market can only be welcomed. In addition, we see our involvement, beyond the commercial aspect, as an effort to prove that anything is possible. Even excellence!

Quality Authorized Translations Agency

Prompt services

We consider that the terms are relevant to prove professionalism, that is why we are never late to answer the client's request or to deliver the requested material on time.

Competitive rates

Our rates reflect quality and professionalism, which is why we guarantee that you will rely on our services.

500+ projects

In our 10 years of activity, we pride ourselves on having a very wide range of local and international translation and interpreting projects.

Satisfied clients

We have succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers precisely through promptness, seriousness, professionalism and quality.